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Miss Saptashikha Dhar, the founder of Aarogyam Yoga & Wellness Studio, has been health conscious from the early days of her life which became her motivation to choose yoga as her higher studies and later inspired her to open the first ever Yoga Studio in Silchar, Assam.

As a Principal Yoga Teacher at Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar, she specializes in all forms of yoga like Hatha, Vinyasa, etc., and is a top yoga instructor and coach in Silchar, Assam.


It’s Ok to Expect when you can Trust

Because it’s safe to trust when all your expectations are met and you can expect the following from us:

All-in-one package deal with a healthy routine in your daily lifestyle

We provide modern-day solutions to all life situations like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc., along with a personalized nutrition plan as per your needs.

Group, as well as one-on-one sessions, are available

Keeping in mind the comfort of our client we provide at-home service, and in-studio service both offline and online. Group, as well as individual classes, are also available.

Much-needed balance with flexible timing and number of days

A busy schedule demands flexibility and we offer you a personalized course duration as per your needs.

Enrich your knowledge through our premium aarogyam app

If you are a beginner, an experienced person wanting to start a business, or a student preparing for yoga professional exams, we provide premium courses designed particularly for anyone who aspires to take yoga further as a career and is looking for in-depth study.

Training Programs

Explore our training courses:

INR 2000/-

Coaching classes for Level-I

Professional Examination II

INR 3000/-

Coaching classes for Level-II

Professional Examination III

INR 4000/-

Coaching classes for Level-III

Brick Yoga Course

INE 1500/-

Brick Yoga

Sculpt Yoga Course

INR 1500/-

Sculpt Yoga

Pragya Yoga Course

INR 1000/-

Pragya Yoga

Beginners Basic Yoga Course

INE 2400/-

Beginners Basic Yoga Course


Upgrade your yoga and wellness knowledge with "CERTIFICATION OF YOGA PROFESSIONAL" which is a complete guide for yoga professionals preparing for level III (Yoga Teacher and Evaluator)

Why We're Better?

What’s special about Aarogyam Yoga & Wellness Studio?

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Happy Customers


What Our Customers Say?

Excellent. The classes were very easy to understand and always dependent on the level of the students. I felt comfortable at all times, felt treated with love and respect and felt I was in presence of a true teacher. Miss Saptashikha teaches more than just Yoga. She also gives tips for healthy lifestyle and provides with the perfect nutrition chart based on one's need. Classes are one hour long and the price is quite low. Definitely recommend this place to take Yoga classes in the entire Barak Valley.

    Rohit Pratap Singh
    Rohit Pratap Singh


    I would give this Yoga Studio 10 stars if I could! I love the classes! Saptashikha has helped me so much and I have learned a lot. I’ve not only found great yoga techniques, but also excellent advice and tips for time during labor. The Instructor is very sweet, kind and lovely! I also love the environment, everything is super organised and clean. I went for the first class when I was 16 weeks pregnant and now I practice post-prenatal Yoga there! I highly recommend this Yoga Studio. It's the best in entire North-East.

      Ruchismita D
      Ruchismita D


      This is indeed the best Yoga Studio in the entire town. I have practiced with many other Yoga Teachers also, but nothing matched with the classes of Saptashikha. She takes a lot of care of each and every Client in the class. My Varicose Veins problem, for which I was suffering from the last 8 years got cured within 4 months after joining her sessions. Wonderful Yoga sessions, wonderful vibe, wonderful people. Thank you so much to everyone in Aarogyam who supported me and helped me to get relief from my pain.

        Rinku Deb
        Rinku Deb


        The best Yoga Studio in the entire Barak Valley. I'm a sports person myself and I know how much necessary is Yoga to remain fit. I have been their Client from the past 1 year and the changes that I saw in my body and mind is tremendous. All thanks to Saptashikha Madam. She's awesome. She explains everything so well and guides everyone as per one's capability.

          Shithil Dhar
          Shithil Dhar


          I am extremely grateful that I chose Aarogyam Yoga. I cannot stress enough how Saptasikha helps me to do yoga effectively. Before I met her, I had tried practicing yoga on my own through youtube videos, but it never worked. I lost interest in maximum 1 week. However with her, its extremely engaging and enriching experience. I really enjoyed my one hour session with her. Always look forward to it. Thanks Saptasikha 🙂

            Rinki Bansal
            Rinki Bansal



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