Partnered with: SAMYAK YOGA, MYSORE


A 3 Days Yoga Retreat to Find Your Inner Peace.

Disconnect to reconnect. Immerse yourself in Yoga, Ayurveda, Nature, and Community.

About the Retreat

AARAMBH: Awaken Your Mind, Body, and Spirit in the Aravallis

Escape the ordinary and embark on a transformative journey at AARAMBH, a weekend retreat nestled amidst the serene Aravali hills. More than just Yoga, we offer a unique blend of ancient practices, nourishing food, and immersive experiences to awaken your mind, body, and spirit.

Immerse yourself in

Invigorating Yoga

Practice Invigorating Yoga under expert guidance, exploring Āsanā, Pranayama, Kriyas, and Dhyana to find inner peace and energize your being.

Nourishing Ayurveda

Savor delicious and balanced Ayurvedic meals prepared with love, with each bite nourishing your body and aligning with the principles of holistic well-being.

Insights into Ayurveda

Gain valuable knowledge through enlightening lectures on this ancient science of life, empowering you to make informed choices for your health. Insights into Ayurveda: Gain valuable knowledge through enlightening lectures on this ancient science of life, empowering you to make informed choices for your health.

Mindful Exploration

Delve into insightful Ayurvedic lectures, gaining valuable knowledge to optimize your health and harmonize your life.

Bonfire Camaraderie

Gather under the starry sky, share stories, forge lasting connections, and experience the warmth of community.

Nature's Embrace

Hike through scenic trails, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and let the tranquility of nature soothe your soul.

This is not just a retreat; it’s an immersive experience.

AARAMBH is your invitation to reconnect with yourself, discover inner peace, and embark on a journey to a healthy and happy life.

Ready to transform?

Book your spot today and embark on a journey of self-discovery with AARAMBH.


29th March to 1st April


Rural Sense Farm Stay, under the majestic Aravali hills, near Gurugram

Who is it for?

Accessible to All: Beginners Welcome!

At our retreat, everyone is invited to join, no matter where you stand on your journey. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been practicing for a while, our doors are wide open for you. We believe in creating a space where everyone feels comfortable, supported, and encouraged to explore at their own pace.

If you’ve been curious about Yoga, Ayurveda, or simply seeking a getaway to unwind, you’re more than welcome to be a part of our community. Come as you are, and let’s embark on this journey together!


Your journey begins here.

Transformative benefits await you at AARAMBH Yoga Retreat.

Stress Reduction

Immerse yourself in gentle practices like Āsanā and Pranayama, designed to melt away tension and bring a sense of calm to your mind.

Enhanced Well-being

Engage in introspective practices like Art Therapy and Therapy Yoga, unlocking pathways to deeper self-discovery and personal growth.

Deeper Self-Discovery

Immerse yourself in gentle practices like Āsanā and Pranayama, designed to melt away tension and bring a sense of calm to your mind.

Cleansing Rituals

Explore traditional practices such as Jal Neti and Shat Kriya to cleanse and purify, fostering a renewed sense of energy and vitality.

Vedic Mantra Chanting

Connect with the power of sound through Vedic Mantra Chanting, creating a harmonious atmosphere for inner peace.

Balanced Nutrition

Delight in the goodness of balanced Ayurvedic Meals, nurturing your body with wholesome, delicious, and healthful foods.

Healing Soundscapes

Indulge in Sound Healing Sessions, where soothing vibrations guide you into a state of relaxation and harmony.

Wisdom Sharing

Attend insightful Ayurvedic Lectures, gaining knowledge that empowers you to make informed choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Joyful Community

An Art Therapy, Bonfire Nights, Fun Activities, fostering connections and creating cherished memories with like-minded individuals.

Focused Meditation (Tratak)

Cultivate concentration and clarity through Tratak, a simple yet profound meditation technique.


Day 1 Friday

Day 2 Saturday

Day 3 Sunday

Day 4 Monday

Note: This schedule is a suggestion and may be adjusted slightly based on weather conditions, participant needs, and instructor discretion. Participants will be informed of any changes in advance.


At AARAMBH, your journey towards wellness is guided by not just instructors, but experienced mentors and passionate Yoga Professionals. Each coach brings a wealth of knowledge, dedication, and unique expertise to your retreat experience.

Meet your Exceptional Yoga Masters

Miss Saptashikha Dhar

Aarogyam Yoga (Assam)

Expect: In-depth knowledge of traditional Yoga practices, precise guidance, and a motivational spirit to push your boundaries safely.

Expect: Dynamic and adaptable teaching methods, tailored to individual needs, and a focus on integrating Yoga into daily life.

Nishita Singh

Samskara (Gurgaon)

Yogacharya Kamal

Partnered with: Samyak Yoga, Mysore

Expect: Profound insights into the ancient wisdom of Yoga, a connection to its traditional roots, and guidance focused on spiritual growth and self-discovery.

These are not just instructors, they are your guides on a transformative journey. 

 Their passion, expertise, and personalized approach will ensure you gain profound knowledge, refine your practice, and unlock your full potential.


Live in Nature's Embrace at Rural Sense Farmstay

Escape the ordinary to the extraordinary at Rural Sense Farmstay, your home away from home for the AARAMBH Yoga retreat. Nestled amidst the majestic Aravali hills, this charming farmstay offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern amenities, creating the perfect setting for your rejuvenating journey.

Unique Features

Relaxing Location: Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature, surrounded by lush greenery, rolling hills, and breathtaking views.

Authentic Farmstay Experience: Connect with the land and its bounty through interactive farm activities, fresh farm-to-table meals, and the opportunity to learn about sustainable practices.

Diverse Accommodation Options: Choose from cozy cottages, single-bedroom units, or A-shaped huts, each offering a unique ambiance and comfortable amenities.


Imagine waking up to the gentle chirping of birds, practicing Yoga amidst the swaying trees, and enjoying starlit evenings around a crackling bonfire. At Rural Sense Farmstay, your retreat experience extends beyond the Yoga mat, offering a holistic immersion in nature’s healing embrace.

Book your spot today and prepare to be rejuvenated in the heart of the Aravalis!

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